Why Trademarks is actually GOOD for your Business?

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Five reasons why you should register your trademark

1- Brands create differentiation for your brand

A registered trademark helps customers recognize your brand among the vast amount of similar products or services on the market.

Consumers can read your company's values or messages through your registered brand name or logo that leaves an indelible impression on their minds.

A trademark registered in the UAE conveys a clear message to customers about the owner of the trademark and the reputation of the company, its products, and its services.

Just think how easily we relate to the name, design, and logos of big brands like McDonald's or Starbucks.

2- Easy for customers to reach you

Brands are important for SMEs to gain the upper hand in the market, as consumers have a wide range of choices in a very huge market like Dubai. For example, if you are introducing a sportswear brand to the Dubai market, you will encounter giants like Nike and Adidas.

While not all customers go to the big brands, you may face competition from other small businesses. However, you can still make a profit if you can establish a relationship with your niche clients.

By registering your trademark in the UAE, you can ensure that customers have a recall value in your name.

3- It helps to attract investors

Startups often make the mistake of skipping trademark registration by believing that trademark registration only makes sense for large companies. These entrepreneurs miss the fact that a registered trademark is a key to attracting potential investors. In fact.

It will be difficult for startups to convince potential investors to invest in their companies if they are not registered with the UAE Trademark Office. The lack of a registered trademark may lead investors to assume that the entrepreneur has not yet thought about the future of the startup.

4- It stops counterfeiting

Trademark registration is not a mandatory requirement, but it is highly recommended because failure to register your trademark will give an opportunity for competitors to exploit your value.

Brands define a company's identity, but your competitors can steal that identity by creating similar names or making fake products under your brand name.

While you can stop infringement by asking companies to withdraw a similar name or logo, your trademarks must be registered with the UAE Trademark Office to initiate litigation.

5- The company's greatest asset

Brands are the greatest assets a company can have. the Brand value increases as a business matures or expands. Brands will be of immense value when a company plans to:

a) diversification of products or services

b) franchising through licensing

c) sell the company

Under UAE law, expatriate trademark owners are required to register their trademarks only through trademark agents in the country.

Only trademark agents have access to the Official Gazette in which the trademarks are published.

Never run behind the trade make your own trademark

How to register trademarks?

The Ministry of Economy is responsible for registering trademarks in the UAE, and the registration application is submitted through the Ministry's website. Documents required for trademark registration include:

1- Brand image

2- A copy of the trade license

3- Legal Agency

4- priority document

5- a copy of the passport

Who has the right to register his trademark?

1- Citizens of the State and natural or legal persons who engage in any commercial, industrial, craft, or service business.

2- Foreigners, natural or legal persons, who engage in any commercial, industrial, craft, or service business in the State.

3- Foreigners, natural or legal persons, who engage in any commercial, industrial, craft, or service business in any of the countries that treat the country reciprocally.

4- other legal persons.

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