What is the importance of Legalization in the UAE?


The importance of authentication is due to the possibility of attesting university degrees and personal or commercial documents that were obtained or carried out outside the United Arab Emirates, and the documentation process makes documents and certificates valid for legal use within the Emirates.

* Authentication of commercial documents

This type of documentation is common in the UAE, especially documents related to the establishment and registration of companies and official powers of attorney, and then authenticated with the UAE embassy in this country, and you can then certify it at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This type of documentation is used for the following purposes:

1- Establishing or canceling a branch of a foreign company.

2- Establishment or cancellation of a representative office of a foreign company.

3- Opening a company inside Dubai or in one of its free zones.

4- Signing legal documents on behalf of a person located outside the borders of the United Arab Emirates.

* Authentication of personal documents

Authenticating personal documents is important in order to be able to use them legally in a country other than the country in which they were obtained.

Documenting personal documents includes birth certificates, marriage documents, and university certificates.

In the United Arab Emirates, you need to authenticate your personal certificates in order to be able to apply for a job.

* University degree attestation

The authentication of university certificates is defined as the scientific documentation of certificates, documents, and academic qualifications issued by higher education institutions.

The institution that wants to authenticate its certificate or documents must be accredited and licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education, and authentication is done in the UAE Foreign Ministry in Dubai for all university certificates issued from outside the UAE to be Official and legal for legal use in the UAE.

In order to be able to obtain the attestation of university degrees and educational qualifications, it must first be attested at the embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the country where the university is located, or attested at the consulate of the country that issued the certificate, in the Emirates.

Applying for jobs in the United Arab Emirates requires scientific certificates documented within the country, and the university degree obtained must be related to the job for which you are applying, so you must officially and legally document your university degrees with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ensure the legal status of this certificate, whether Your degree was a diploma, university degree, masters or doctorate.

Authentication of academic certificates requires the following procedures:

1- Create an account on the website of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates.

2- Fill out the application electronically, taking into account the accuracy of the information you enter.

3- Pay the required fees.

4- Receiving the transaction, checking the documents, and keeping the application in the electronic program.

5- Certification of documents and review of the application by the electronic employee.

6- Some documents need to write to the authorities that issued the documents in the country from which the certificate was issued and to review the UAE embassy there.

7- Receive the response and send it for approval from higher education institutions within the Emirates.

8- Deciding whether to ratify the certificate, whether by ratification or refusal.

9- Completing the transaction and informing the electronic certification program.

10- Handing over the transaction after certification to the applicant or his legal advisor.


* Documentation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Before starting the authentication process, the documents that you want to use legally in the UAE must be authenticated by the responsible authorities and the UAE embassy in the country where the documents were issued, and then at the Legalization Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai, whether those documents are university degrees or a certificate Birth or marriage contract.

The steps and procedures that you have taken in the country in which the certificates were issued must be accurate and clear, as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs communicates with universities in the event of documenting university certificates and the concerned authorities when the documents are personal or commercial. Therefore, you must be accurate in all the information you provide with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai.

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