Trademark Registration in UAE

Trademark regestration

Benefits for Trademark Registration in UAE

Registering a trademark provides trademark owners with a number of benefits in terms of use and security. It establishes a legitimate presumption of possession which gives you the legal freedom to use your own trademark in conjunction with products and services. If you register your trademark, you can defend your name and prohibit anyone from using similar trademarks. Obtaining a trademark has many advantages. The following are a few of them:   Secures the Business: The trademark is not only protected under ownership rights; parties who reuse the content of conflicting trademarked property without the permission of the concerned party are swiftly prosecuted. Any products with infringed or duplicated trademarks that are purchased or exported are barred from entering the country or designated jurisdiction, providing trademark owners with customs security protection against counterfeited items.   Asset Formation: A trademark is an important asset for you and your business. Any trademark's worth is strictly proportional to the service's market standing. Trademarks pave the way for cross-industry growth. Trademarks may be sold, purchased, registered, or even used as collateral to obtain a loan for your business.   Increase in Brand Value: An organization with a trademark establishes a greater market identity, enhancing its brand value. A registered trademark instills in customers and rivals a sense of trustworthiness and honesty in the company. The firm's market image is improved, and it can operate smoothly without the regulatory stumbling blocks that most non-registered businesses face.   Independent existence of the Business: A registered trademark enables a brand to reap the full rewards of its products and services popularity. The goods serve as an intangible asset to which all of the company's worth and prestige are attached. Furthermore, a common trademark is linked to a product's goodwill. A product with an unregistered trademark can never reach this level of worth.   The Credibility of the Firm Rises: Businesses who register their trademarks not only improve their identity, but they also ensure that their integrity is maintained over time. Under this law, all of the emotional and intellectual qualities retained in the brand image and logo remain unique, resulting in a profound sense of reputation that encourages the perceiver to differentiate the company exclusively. The customer gains recognition, loyalty, and partnership while the company profits from exclusive entitlement. This successfully expresses the company's identity and quality image to prospective buyers through its content features, favorably influencing the brand's perceived value and eventually increasing its prominence with consumers.   Right to use ‘Registered’ in the brand name: The corporation can use the term registered or the symbol “®” after the trademark has been registered. Furthermore, this would demonstrate that specific products and services are only associated with one business. You alert someone to your rights by using this symbol or expression. A registered trademark is one that has been entered into the official registry and cannot be used by someone else. There are many advantages of having a registered trademark for your business in the UAE. It's also helpful if you want to register your company in other countries, or if you want to defend your name internationally as your company grows.

Penalties for Trademark Infringement

If you have got a product’s trademark registered, no one except you is allowed to use it. Infringing someone else’s trademark is a legal offense in UAE and the offender will invite some serious consequences. The penalty for violating someone’s trademark is an imprisonment sentence and a fine of at least Dh. 5000.   The following incidents are said to be a violation of the Trademark (Trademark Infringement):   Any individual who forges or imitates a legally licensed trademark in order to deceive the public, as well as someone who uses a fabricated or imitated trademark in bad faith. Anyone who uses a licensed trademark owned by a third party without permission or puts it on his goods in bad faith. Anyone who knowingly sells offers for sale or negotiation or acquires for sale goods bearing a forged, imitated, or illegally placed trademark, as well as anyone who knowingly provides or offers to supply services under a forged, imitated, or illegally placed trademark, is guilty of trademark infringement. Why Should you Register your Trademark as a Business Owner? Theft is an uncomfortable feeling for anyone; you may feel violated and insecure for a short or long time afterward. If this has ever happened to you, you've most likely taken steps to avoid a similar misfortune in the future, such as being more vigilant about personal protection and securing adequate insurance coverage. Theft of intellectual property, on the other hand, is a form of theft that many people are unaware of.   If you wish to shield your brand or innovations from exploitation, you should consider filing a trademark, which will then be extended to all of your products or trademarks, providing you with an assurance that your ideas will be protected and that all legitimate income will be returned to you.   Are you looking to register your trademark in the UAE? Our expert Attorneys can advise and assist you throughout the trademark registration process. Drop us a line at or give us a call at +971527640029 Alternatively, you can schedule a complimentary consultation with us.

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