legal consultants in dubai

legal consultants in dubai
Essay on the legal profession The legal profession is one of the professions full of excitement and astonishment, and it is one of the free professions that seeks to show the facts and prove them with evidence and evidence, and shares this with the judicial authorities, and the main task of the legal profession is to emphasize the rule of law first and foremost, and to achieve justice, as lawyers defend people The accused, and trying to prove their innocence on the one hand, and convicting others on the other hand, by filing cases related to personal or financial matters or other conduct of transactions at work and others, according to the laws. The legal profession is the best witness to the application of the law and the application of the right of defense because it allows anyone to express his opinion, defend himself and find evidence that proves his truth, even if that person is a criminal, as it opens the doors to reduce penalties for criminals by finding some reasons that mitigate these penalties. At the same time, the legal profession shows the innocence of people who have not committed any sin and fallen into the accusation circle. Therefore, this profession must be its motto of honor and morals first, and the lawyer may not disclose the secrets of his client in any way; Because the legal profession is a profession based on law first and foremost. The legal profession is one of the professions that has appeared since ancient times and in various forms, and today it is one of the respected professions that has a special status in all countries, and all those who work in it join under the umbrella of the Bar Association, which organizes it and sets some necessary conditions and laws for it, especially since the lawyer is one of the necessities of achieving justice. And the trial is not fair unless there is someone who defends the accused and speaks for him. Therefore, the Bar Association monitors the performance of its members, raises their moral and professional level, and supervises them, and raises the level of this profession at all levels, making it a prestigious profession based on principles, sincerity and honesty. It requires dexterity, intelligence, and the ability to relate things to each other. This profession allows the lawyer to view the lawsuit files and judicial papers, and also allows him to read all the data related to the cases that he will start defending. Therefore, the lawyer must be up to the responsibility in order to be successful in his profession and able to keep pace with all the events in it, especially since it is a renewed profession, Not all cases can be the same, so the lawyer must be a person who practices his profession with passion and desire to be successful and distinguished, because pleading in cases is not an easy thing, and also requires boldness and firmness.

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