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In the UAE, criminal cases are handled by the public prosecution department. These departments are responsible for prosecuting criminal cases against individuals or companies that have been accused of illegal dealings. Failing to report a crime, false reporting, and tampering with evidence can all be considered criminal offenses. The following is an overview of the 5 most common types of criminal law cases in Dubai and how a lawyer can help you with your case. Criminal law is a branch of law that covers all offenses and crimes committed by an individual against the state. Its purpose is to clearly put a borderline of what is considered unacceptable to the state and society. This is well defined as the rule sets aside the conducts that are allowed and tolerable from those that threaten, endangers, and harms the people. Criminal law also emphasizes the punishments the offended must face. However, criminal cases must be clearly defined against civil cases. Crimes are offenses against the society or state as a whole. Civil cases are typically disagreements between individuals about legal responsibilities they own each other. Criminal and civil cases also differ in terms of their punishment. Civil cases will only require monetary damages or will be given things to do. On the other hand, criminal cases will require offenders to serve years in prison. It also may require monetary punishments or fines.  

The 5 Types of Criminal Law Cases in Dubai

Criminal law cases may differ per offense:  
  1. Misdemeanors are petty crimes and are just minor offenses. A Misdemeanor is punishable by fines or jail time of less than a year in a local prison. Examples of a misdemeanor are petty theft, driving under the influence, minor in possession of alcohol, etc. 
  2. Felonyon the other hand, is a significant crime committed and is punishable by imprisonment for more than a year. Examples of a felony are rape, treason, kidnapping, robbery, murder, and drug trafficking.
  3. Juvenile Crimes involve minor defendants. Since minors are concerned, they are given more lenient punishment considering their age, education and other factors. 
  4. Capital Crimes require a lifetime of imprisonment or death. Murder and rape are examples of capital crimes. Capital crimes presupposed the individual’s intent to kill and involved the act that necessitates the commission of the premediated act.
  5. Minor crimes are offenses punishable only by imposing fines. Petty crimes need not be filed in court and need not involve a full-blown trial. A minor crime would include: unintentionally causing injury to livestock owned by another. The injury would cause the assailant a fine of 5000 Dirhams.
Here are other examples of crimes that are covered by Criminal Law:
  1. Assault and Battery – this includes harassment, injury and abuse.
  1. Arson – this includes intentional explosion or starting a fire to damage a property. This is mostly punishable by jail time of up to 20 years.
  1. Armed Robbery – robbery, especially when armed, can be punished with serious penalties.
  1. Child Abuse – this is another serious criminal offense. Child abusers can be sentenced for long year in jail
  1. Kidnapping – This criminal law case happens when a person is forcibly taken by other persons and are for ransom. Kidnapping cases get more sever punishment if it involves kidnapping minor and kidnapping during carjacking.
  1. Hate Crimes – this involves racy acts of violence against someone of different race, sexual orientation or those with other certain traits.
  1. Man Slaughter  – This is a type of criminal law case where an individual commits unintentional killing or death of a person.

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