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Ethics of the legal profession Advocacy is characterized by great danger and precision. If it is a sacred profession that gains its sanctity from the support of the oppressed, it must be within its true framework, otherwise, it will be turned into a sword that takes the oppressed as greedy ambitions do, and increases peoples misery and oppression because it helps the oppressor and oppresses him. It appears to her of the truth, and it increases the people’s suffering and burns them and burns them with more fire. When the lawyer uses his skill in defense and his intelligence in the discussion to turn the truth into something other than what it was, the legal profession becomes the ugliest thing that can be taught, and the worst thing that can be given his testimony to a person. Only the great person must study and reach this profession, as it can be said that the legal profession is the profession of the great. The owners of weak souls, and help them to develop their social relations and to gain high positions in the state, which leads to the spread of the multiplication of injustice on the oppressed person who resorts to someone to save him. The importance of the legal profession Before an empowered person remembers the sayings of the greats in praise of this honorable profession, he will not hesitate to involve himself in the field of rights to be an honorable lawyer. The usurped right with logical arguments and shining proof. What they said about the lawyer in the books that the student reads during his student days is a saying by the French lawyer “Ross” describing the true lawyer who seeks to spread justice among people: “The lawyer is now the least talkative of people, and the lawyers are the only ones who improve the silence.” Because the kind of silence is nothing but an inevitable result of the kindness of speech.” If a person thinks a lot about the negatives and positives of the legal profession, he will find that its positives are very meaningful and beneficial, as it is based on the establishment of justice, bears the concern of applying the law, prevents evil from prolonging and spreading, and supports the poor and the rich alike, as it secures for each of them the fulfillment of their right. As for its negatives, it is represented in the constant fatigue of the owner of this profession, his time is hardly free from preoccupation, and the harassment of people who want to digest the rights of others may inundate him, and often rob him of his comfort, as clients often visit him with urgent matters that require solving their problems. About this meaning, the French “Garsonnier” expressed his description of the lawyer’s life when he said: “The lawyer pleads in one day before multiple courts in different cases, and his home is not a place of his comfort nor protection for him from the harassment of his clients, as he is meant by everyone who wants to relieve the burdens of his problems and worries. His job is to address various problems and alleviate the concerns of others.” Then this philosopher presents a comprehensive overview of the lawyer’s mission in this land, which is the greatest that a person can express in describing this profession if it carries out its basic and honorable content: “I can say that among his citizens represents the first men who They conveyed the divine message. Garnet wants to liken the legal profession to the mission of the prophets, because all that the heavenly messengers call for in its comprehensive content is monotheism, in addition to the establishment of truth among people, so that no one is oppressed. Advocacy and the study of rights bring only a good and great benefit to the individual and society, when it is directed to the honorable intent of it, and when it is a polished mirror of the good that the owner of this profession intends to adopt and establish among all members of society so that people are equal by it, and benefit and peace prevail in all parts of the earth.    

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