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Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Advocates & Legal Consultants is a reputable full-service Law Firm established In Alexandria then Expanded by through excellent Services and Relationships to cooperate with Rashed Advocates to serve justice and provide services of any level across the UAE and Arabian Gulf.

Our Services

Civil Lawsuits
Civil Lawsuits

We at Hussein ElSayed Murshedek Law Firm & Legal consultants provide the best legal services in the field of civil law…

real estate law
Tenancy Lawsuits

Cities like Dubai have become the hub of the most lucrative residential projects in the world to meet the high standards of living that their citizens want. 

Commercial Lawsuits
Commercial Lawsuits

We provide all legal services to corporate bodies such as merger and application advice in accordance with corporate laws, franchising …

Family & Inheritance Lawsuits
Family & Inheritance

We Are Specialized in everything related to personal status law and family law, the most skilled legal advisors and personal and family status lawyers.

Founding Lawsuits

Due to huge investments in Dubai, it has become an important city for both offshore and onshore companies that engage in all types of trading.

Labour Lawsuits

We always seek to provide advice to employers and employees in order to adequately deal with their respective rights and duties under the applicable laws in the country

Making of legal contracts

 it is important to protect the trademark from anyone who sells counterfeit goods or services under the real trademark of a well-reputed brand.

legal firms
Administrative Lawsuits

We provide legal services in the field of civil law because of its special nature and its complexity and its connection with relevant laws and the organization of civil transactions

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